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PGx101Become a leader in personalized medicine. Daniel L. Krinsky, M.S., R.Ph. and Sue Paul, R.Ph are pharmacists and entrepreneurs with a vision to advance both the pharmacy profession and patient care through the study of pharmacogenomics. They offer vital information regarding this pioneering area of science through their education and consulting services.

Their Test2LearnTM Community-based Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program is a 20-hour ACPE-accredited certificate program that combines home-study and live training. It teaches the principles of pharmacogenomics as well as its practical implications in disease states such as cardiology, oncology, neurology and infectious diseases, among others. The program trains pharmacists and other healthcare providers to decipher pharmacogenetic tests, interpret that information, and make appropriate recommendations for the patient.  The PGx101 team can assist clinicians with the interpretation of patient results to optimize patient medication regimens.

Learn more about Krinsky, Paul and their pharmacogenomics program here.